For women who want to create a blissfully inspired life!

You’ve taken baby steps, envisioned the “what if’s” and dreamt of someday. But now, now it is time.

Time for you to take a giant leap of faith, to trust what’s possible, to tune into your heart’s desires and realize know one is responsible for your own happiness accept YOU!

And guess what… you got every right to a beautiful life.

Your one beautiful life is in your hands, and every day you have another opportunity to create the dream life you have always imagined.If you can feel a gap between where you are to where you want to be, then you’re in the right place!

If you’re in pursuit of Bliss ~ Truth + Synchronicity= Freedom ~ seeking effortless love, meaningful relationships, ready to supercharge your life, live your vision, increase your wealth, health and vitality….then we will be soul sisters!

My clients are women who are ready to take charge of their own success and happiness. They often have a hard time making decisions, are drowning in doubt and suffering from excusitis… stuck in a mindset of someday ~ but are finally ready to break free.

It is said there are only two motivating forces in the world FEAR and LOVE. My mission is simple to help you identify those fears and find the tools and courage to release them! In doing so you will bring into existence the things you want, improve the areas that are in need of attention and elevate the areas of your life that already amazing to a currently unforeseeable level.

To SHINE you have to dare to be even more of who you really are!


Sister I got a pocket full of holistic action-oriented strategies to help you achieve your goals.

We’ll unleash your Inner Genius (after all, she’s totally in the know & full of love) and we’ll defeat the Inner Critic that has been keeping your sparkle dim. We’ll ignite your vision and we’ll map out a plan…a plan for you to wake up and live a gorgeous, blissful, radiant life!

Will it require a commitment, shifting your perspective, thinking outside the box, giving up false beliefs and preconceived notions? Yup! (But trust me it’s easier than giving up chocolate) Why because speaking your truth is better than sugar coating bullshit. The reality is I’m interested in deep-seated transparency, the kind that frees the soul. I will call your bluff, help you ditch the drama and sift through the BS that’s keeping you from loving your life. No fluff just authentic ass kicking powered by AKA LOVE.

You’ll come to define what it means to have it all! And if you want to you WILL have it all.

The 90 Day Private Platinum Program includes

  • Calls over the course of 90 Days ( 1 hour call per week)
  • Unlimited email support between calls
  • A Gorgeous Custom Digital Workbook
  • Self-Love Toolkit ~ including ~ worksheets, templates and illuminating lessons.
  • Special VIP Gift From Amanda
  • Complimentary pass to any group coaching workshop or Tele-course.