Keep up to date with Amanda’s upcoming speaking engagements, retreats and other events. An international speaker and author; Amanda has supported, coached and spoken for women’s groups, corporations and non-profits around the globe such as; POWE, Amazing Woman’s Day, Defeyneurs Gala, Women In The Spotlight Going Global, Women In Business Wealth Summit, The YWCA, Up With Women, WIN, United Way, Diva Girl, Hub Inc., Women’s Economic Forum, Holistic Beauty Expo and more. Her dynamic talks cover a variety of topics to help others realize their great potential, so they can illuminate the world and create a life they love.

HUB INC “Unstoppable You” Durham Launch

September 20th, 2017

Come join us on September 20th to celebrate the launch of H.U.B Inc Durham. A night filled with extraordinary entrepreneurs, incredible speakers and strategies to grow your business. It’s all about Unstoppable YOU!

You can crush your obstacles and rise to the top! No matter where you are in life, sometimes you just need to be inspired. You are a great leader pushing to make shift happen. That’s never easy. And sometimes you will feel like your alone and can’t do it anymore, any better, or any other way. Tracy and Amanda will help you see that you can conquer your impossible. Get ready to turn ordinary days into extraordinary days.

What you will learn:

  • Learn the top mistakes most entrepreneurs are making in business.
  • Discover small shifts that can create BIG changes.
  • Define ‘No’ as a counter offer …in spite of naysayers, self- doubt, and procrastination!
  • Free you self from decision fatigue and uncertainty!
  • Decide what Financial Freedom means to you.
  • How to live in alignment, embrace possibilities, become unstoppable and soar!


Good Vibe Giving Retreat


Where Your Spirit + Passion Meets Opportunity as Beautiful Energy = Affinity Attraction!

Ready to harness the creative power of your mind, body and soul? To share your gifts with other spirit seekers and make real connections? The secret to creating more abundance in your business and life is all about your VIBE. Truth your outer success ~ in your business, your relationships, your wealth and finances, your health & wellness, your environment, your recreation and fun and ultimately your freedom is a true mirror and reflection of your inner joy + happiness.

So who are you becoming and how can you use your superpowers for the good? Who will you VIBE with? Who do you need to know? Who can best support you and who can you serve? I invite you to find out at “Good Vibe Giving” a fall social for wellness minded business owners at my country home.

I welcome you to my zen space not only to connect with your heart but to truly rise up and share your beautiful energy and gifts with others. Believing that our environment is key… I’ve planned a magical afternoon and evening, with every detail covered!

  • Putting pen to paper you will connect to your heart space and discover your Bliss Blueprint for Success.
  • Learn how to negotiate to win.
  • Master your pitch and share your gifts.

My networking game “Good Vibe Giving”; will inspire you to share your beautiful energy and become a magnet for attracting what you desire.

As preparation for the game “Good Vibe Giving” you will be asked to complete a series of challenge questions about you, your business and your lifestyle. Your answers wil be used to pre-determine 2-3 people who I intuitively believe you need to VIBE with. (but don’t worry you will connect with many beautiful souls)

Enjoy a flavorful dining experience while watching the sunset including

  • A 3 course delicious fall harvest dinner, drinks and delectable treats.
  • A bonfire under the stars, including drumming, music and other surprises.
  • A draw for a special gift.

Ready to rock your radiance and play full out? Only 20 Tickets Available!

In case of rain or poor weather, event will be rescheduled

Sacred Self Love SHINE Masterclass + Mentorship
For The Soul

Access Your Power + Own Your Desires & Rock Your Life It’s time to step into your worth & manifest your beautiful life.



2018 Dates To Be Announced

You’re ready to up-level your bliss, gain new momentum and results in any area of your life such as; your relationships, health, finances, career or business and you need someone to stretch and guide you.

If this is YOU the blissful living retreat will help you learn to love yourself first!

Welcome to desire mapping for business + life.

The place where ambition meets inner peace, consciousness meets cash and spirit greets opportunity. This 8 week online program dives deep into your hearts desires, helping you identify + implement your soul-centered intentions and goals so you can rock your business & life.

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