Dear Goddess...would you love a practical system for activating your bliss, getting back on the path to self-love, and making your dreams a reality?

I get it you’re a spirit seeker who wants to get things done. You want to take your life from good to great. You want to struggle less and at the same time, open up to the greater riches of life — fromgreater passion and intention, to cash, real adventure and freedom of every kind.

Well what if I told you that your entire spirit is lit up with potential, and that you can create the kind of life you’ve always dreamed about. All of this is true, and all of it starts with sacred self-love.

It’s Time to Claim Your Chic + Beautiful Life!

You’re here to live a life that’s a unique expression of your soul and the Sacred Self-Love SHINE Masterclass has been designed just for you!

This eight week program will take you from feeling blah to ahh.

Via weekly videos, calls, audios, illuminating lessons and worksheets you’ll learn how to flex your self- love muscle by applying the “7 Laws of Self-Love Mastery”~ a step by step process to transform your life. Heads up this isn’t just another quick fix or band aid solution. Instead it’s a practical proven system that goes way beyond the law of attraction and the traditional teachings offered by most experts.

When you focus on applying the “7 Laws of Self-Love Mastery” to your everyday life...I guarantee you will manifest all that you desire.The result? You’ll get out of your own way!

You’ll learn to embrace all facets of yourself by mastering your monkey mind and system of self.

You’ll reconnect with your heart and higher self all while getting crystal clear on your true purpose and big WHY.

You’ll get unstuck and finally be free of doubt, worry and fear; no longer allowing the past or limiting beliefs to hold you back.

You’ll increase your self-confidence and achieve your biggest goals with complete ease.

You’ll craft a blueprint and action plan determining your own true path to success.

You’ll amplify your self-love to record high levels and become the greatest version of you!

You’ll wake up every day feeling ~ powerful, happy, serene, and radiantly beautiful.

You’ll know exactly what steps to take to uplevel your bliss and create your dream life ~ one that feels freaking amazing!!

You'll make your dreams a non-negotiable and bliss a priority.

What’s left?

A calmer, happier person who can role with the ebbs and flows of life with peace, purpose and a strong belief that they are exactly where they are supposed to be.

It’s time to learn the art of sacred self–love so you can step into your greatest vision and version of you.

This program is for you if;

You feel that you’re not where you want to be in your life?

What you’re living right now doesn’t feel truly right for you, and you need support to tune in to your heart to uncover what you actually want.

You’re lacking clarity and have conflicting desires?

You feel confused and overwhelmed and you need help to choose the right option and create a crystal clear vision.

You feel stuck?

You feel ready to move forward, but you have no idea how to start, what steps to follow and how to get there.

You keep changing your life, but you’re still not happy?

You find yourself thinking “Once, I get that promotion/job/home/relationship etc. then I will be happy”, but you arrive there and still feel unsatisfied.

You’re being held back by fear and doubt?

Your inner critic is keeping you paralysed and stops you every time you attempt to take action.

You’re lacking self-confidence?

Although you want to feel good and experience more joy and less fear – deep down you don’t really feel like you deserve it.

You’re tired of feeling unbalanced and less than energized?

You would give anything to feel vibrant, sexy and fully alive.

You want to take your life to the next level?

You’re ready too up-level your bliss and gain new momentum and results in any area of life suchas; your relationships, health, finances, career or business, and you need someone to stretch and guide you.

Darling you’re not alone.
I know because I have been there too.
And YES there is a way out.

For close to ten years, I asked myself that: “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just be happy?” In my struggle with obsession and worry, self-doubt, judgment and criticism, there was only one thing that helped me heal. After having a breakdown, I had a breakthrough leaving me to choose whether I was going to live a life of misery, like the woman I’d been, or whether I was going to find the courage and power to change.

That choice opened my eyes, with crystal clear clarity, to what made the difference between thriving and barely surviving, to what made the difference between unhappiness and bliss. The only way to change was to make myself a priority, to love myself first. Total self-care and radical self-love was the answer. Complete soul-alignment. This discovery led me to attracting everything I needed to activate my bliss and pursue my dream life. I created my own soulful system for success; mapping out my vision and kicking some serious butt in the goal department; As I began to heal myself with love, I realized just how many people all around me were suffering from the same affliction. After seeing so many of my friends, loved ones and clients struggling with the same challenges, I created the Sacred Self-Love SHINE Masterclass to share my solutions with you.

It’s time to step into your worth and
manifest your beautiful life!

Bonuses & Freebies

  • Worksheets & Templates
  • Simple Affirmations & Bliss-tations
  • Daily SHINE Inspiration + Sacred Self Love Masterclass Private FB Community
  • Free Gift for first 10 Ladies to Register

How you will learn?

Premium Membership Site

llluminating Lessons, Videos + Audios

Live Group Hot Seat Coaching

Self-Love Toolkit ~ Filled With Templates Worksheets Meditations & More

Sacred Self-Love FB Community

Premium Membership Site

You get exclusive access to our premium custom designed membership site along with lifetime access to the materials so you can keep making big, bold, beautiful life changes.

Illuminating Lessons & Exercises

Each lesson is filled with value and powerful nuggets of information to help you live your greatest vision and version of YOU. You will learn through easy to watch videos, audios, and beautiful pdfs which you can easily download and take away.

Live Group Hot Seat Coaching

Every live masterclass includes your opportunity to submit your challenge, be in the hot seat and receive one on one coaching to help you breakthrough your barriers.

Effortless Bliss-tations

You’ll get short and sweet bliss-tations to listen to when you need to calm your mind, access your inner knowing or envision your future. You will learn the many different ways meditation can be done, choosing one that’s a good fit for you…one that feels good for your soul.

Self-Love Toolkit

You’ll walk away with a transformative toolkit to use in your everyday life. To live your vision, create your dreams and goals, master your mind, expand your love and happiness, find inner peace and ditch everything and anything holding you back.

Sacred Self-Love Community

Our Private FB Group is a community of soulful women who desire more. It’s a sacred space to share your wins, celebrate, connect and ask for guidance!

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Regular Price: $479.00 (Save $182.00 ~ Pay in Full $297.00) or 3 Payments of $132.35

You will receive:

  • Pre-program resources including;
    Downloadable course material and self love kick-starter kit.
    1) A Visualization Audio by Amanda.
    2) The Sacred Self Love….Pre-Program Workbook and Worksheets.
    3) Self-Love Journal
  • 8 x 1 hour “Video Master Classes” with in depth teachings of each pillar of work.
  • 8 x MP3 Audio Recordings of each Master Class.
  • 8 x LIVE Group Mentoring Calls where you can receive coaching support from Amanda.
  • Lifetime Membership to the Premium Membership Site
  • Access to our Exclusive Sacred Self Love Masterclass FB Community & Tribe
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    When does the course start?

    The live “Sacred Self-Love SHINE Masterclass” kicks off in 2017! It will run for 8 weeks, stay tuned for the official date. Early bird pricing is in effect till January, enrol now and save. Trust me you don’t want to miss it! After the program ends it is not likely I will offer it live again in 2017. However it will be offered as an E-Course.

    What if I can’t make it to all the live master classes?

    The program includes lifetime access to all the master classes, live recordings and audios. Plus you get all the material, exercises and templates which you can download at any time. So although we would love to have you live with us, you can gain access at any time.

    What happens if I am not satisfied with the results of the program?

    Nothing worthwhile is easy + I can’t do the work for you. I can however guide and support you through mentorship in achieving what you desire.I promise if you make the commitment to own your desires + apply the proven principles and teaching(s) provided you will get results. That is my guarantee.If you’re not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days of the program I will be happy to provide you with a refund no questions asked. Just forward your completed worksheets along with an email stating your dissatisfaction.

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    Regular Price: $479.00 (Save $182.00 ~ Pay in Full $297.00) or 3 Payments of $132.35 Available.
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    Amanda Willett is a self-love expert who mentors women globally on re-aligning themselves for true happiness and success. An acclaimed speaker and author; Amanda has supported, coached and spoken for women’s groups, corporations and non-profits around the globe. She is a strategic consultant and business mentor for the Strategy Circle in Toronto and the Durham Chapter Chairperson for the “All Ladies League – Women’s Economic Forum." Amanda believes that it is our job as humans to always strive for random acts of kindness, love and compassion. As a spiritual ass-kicker, she teaches women how to live it ,so they can give it; in business, as a mama, as a partner and a women

    She is a Desire Map Facilitator and the CEO of Blissful Living Lounge a lifestyle event company and community where women are educated on total self-care and the pillars of self-love. Amanda is a wellness coach that has trained in fitness, nutrition, time-management human resources, self-image and business. She has a degree in business and a designation as a self-image coach from the New York image resource center. In 2009, Amanda co-authored the book ‘The Power of Women United’. She is currently completing her certification with the NAFC as a certified lifestyle and wellness consultant. In her free time, Amanda loves to cook, work-out and do yoga. She is also a mom, globe-trotter and fashion enthusiast.

    Amanda is currently working on her next book and building her second home in Costa Rica where she plans to relocate and open her wellness studio.