Like you I’m just a girl with a dream. I have a story, a mission, a calling and so do you!

I want everyone, including you, to fall in love with who they are; to recognize their ability to be free + heal through the transformational power of self love.

However this mission + gift of mine didn’t come packaged in a big, shiny, beautiful, bow, while meditating or sipping a latte; in fact I had to deal with a lot of pain for it to come forth.

I spent years playing many roles including; the martyr, the victim, the architect and the performer. My past preference of choice was chaos, drama + disaster ~ simply because I didn’t have any tools to deal with my emotions.

We’ve all heard the phrase happiness is a choice.

But how can you feel content + blissful when it seems like your world is falling apart?

Here’s the truth; it took me a long time to realize it’s a choice to go without abundance, pure joy, bliss and pleasure.

It’s a choice to become a slave to our work. It’s a choice to go without sleep, rest and rejuvenation. It’s a choice not to nourish our bodies. It’s a choice to live in a state of dis-empowerment, to stay stuck in old beliefs and patterns and to not love ourselves enough to finally break free.

What I now know for sure is this;

Mind is the cause, body is the effect.

Suffering exists because we nourish the feelings that cause it.

You Have Three Choices

  1. You can just give up. You can stay stuck in a never ending cycle of drama, chaos, anger, resentment and pain. You can continue to struggle, live in lack  and be a magnet for crap
  2.  You can give in. You can continue to numb with whatever your avoidance of choice is.
  3.  You can give it your all. You can end the fight and take responsibility for your own shit….recognizing no one is coming to save you. You can choose to  remember that you came here to be a container for peace, love and abundance

When I got that, bam everything started to change! Because ultimately when I finally made the decision to become more committed to my happiness rather than my suffering ~ the chase was over.

Hopeless to Happy Image 1

This Was my Moment of GRACE

An opportunity for me to choose how I wanted to feel, who I wanted to be and how I wanted to show up in the world.

When the woman inside finally decided to wake up, instead of being a hot mess, putting on a front, building a wall, disguising the pain, numbing and denying the truth, I discovered the art of cultivating every day bliss.

From that place I could write a whole new story for myself.  It was the spring of 2011 that I finally decided to muster up the courage.

I made the choice to FACE EVERYTHING & RISE + TO GIVE IT MY ALL.

Freaking scary and a little messy but looking back absolutely worth it!

Being able to look at our darkness and shadows along with our light, is a requirement if we want to step fully into our power and start living the life we once only dreamed of.

You can’t hide from your inner shit. Nope. You can’t sleep it off. You can’t eat, buy, smoke, drink, exercise or wish the pain away. Numbing is temporary.

However developing strategies for what “to do instead” can make all the difference.

It is truly possible to live from the most beautiful part of your core. To heal, to retire those old stories, and lies you tell yourself, to stop making excuses and to step up and claim the life you dream of. Trust me I am living proof.

Turmoil, resistance + struggle, not knowing where you are or how long it will take before this shit will finally be over…I hear you.

Whether you’re dealing with past childhood trauma, (been there) battling an illness or the pain of addiction (check) suffering physical or emotional abuse (check) drowning in debt (yep check) going through the grief or loss of a job, loved one or divorce (I have those under my belt too) or just simply feeling sad, stuck, lost and unsure what path to take, know this;

At the depth of your despair lies the courage to let go of what you cannot change + the wisdom to adjust, change or transform what you can.

Only You Can Heal Your Story; Nobody Else

You have to lean into your shit, face it, accept it and get real intimate with it until it shows you a different YOU; the one that is hidden underneath all the muck; the one that has hope and who is ready to decide to GIVE IT HER ALL. The one who has unlimited potential to; do, be and have all that she desires. At your center lies the one, who is worthy of immense love, peace, abundance and joy.

The true test of our character arises when everything falls apart.

Recognize the struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. You have to give up the illusion that anything outside of yourself gives you happiness, control or power.

I want to show you how to start navigating the power we all hold to, connect + heal ourselves and one another. It starts with adapting coping skills and strategies (creating rituals for success).

Here’s How I Go From Hopeless to Happy in Ten Minutes a Day

Hopeless to Happy Image 2


  1. When everything just plain sucks…I choose to surrender and take a pause for a minimum of 10 minutes. I choose to stop fighting it. Stop fighting where I am and accept that right now everything sucks! What helps me do this is to remind myself that it’s always darkest right before the dawn and a breakdown always precedes a breakthrough. My favorite mantras of choice are “it is what it is, “this too shall pass” and “everything is figuroutable.”


  1. When I’m feeling lost, discouraged, down, seeking answers + respite I move through this ritual. I close my eyes and just breathe allowing myself to feel whatever it is that I feel. I take five minutes to witness my emotions, feel and free them completely. It is extremely important as our emotions are stored in our tissues when we suppress them. In turn, suppressing instead of expressing (letting them surface and come through us), wreaks havoc on our bodies. The true cause of many aliments and illnesses.


  1. I sit with my thoughts for a few minutes then I write them out looking at where I maybe judging or labeling. Depending on what surfaces; fear, anger, frustration, sorrow or disappointment, I go deeper and ask myself why am I really anger or what am I most afraid of? Clarity comes when we allow ourselves to experience the pain of suppressed emotions, when we witness the chatter racing through our minds and learn to choose how we respond to life.


It’s so important to locate the emotional energy attached to our symptoms, challenges and experiences. I’ve learned that fear is a messenger and feeling overwhelmed and anxious is an indicator that something needs to shift.


  1. Although not always an easy task; I muster up the courage to prove my hopelessness, anxiety or fear wrong. How? I challenge my assumptions (beliefs that we accept as facts) and ask are they 100% true? I make the decision to act against my hopelessness, knowing that I’ve been wrong before, so I consider what could go right. This is the opportunity to create new patterns of thought, to raise our vibration, invite grace and establish a bright energy field to replace all the crap we wish to let go of.


  1. I light a candle, incense or burn some sage to clean my space. I ask myself, what would courage have me do? What do I need right now? Imagining all the options before me, I tune into my body noticing what it feels like when I visualize what actions I can take to love myself first and feel better. If I were to live each decision what would it feel like?


  1. I choose a feel good word and write it down. Set an intention, (choose what I will do to feel better) and create a statement or mantra. Breathing in and out, I close my eyes, speak my intentions out loud paying attention to my body and repeating until I feel complete calm and peace within.


When I verbalize my intention(s) or statement and tune into my body I always notice a big shift from how I felt initially. I now have hope, which feels amazing! My energy is elevated and I’m ready to take action.

I may not have everything figured out but I definitely feel liberated, lighter and clearer after performing this ritual. What I know for sure is living in alignment comes from the deepest presence of love.

When we feed and support our own happiness, we are nourishing our ability to love.

With practice overtime we can all develop coping skills for different emotions and situations. I encourage you to stick around if you want to learn more ways to heal yourself and find your flow. If you’re feeling isolated, unsupported and alone know you can find comfort here. This is a safe space to call home, a place where you will not be judged but celebrated.

Are you ready to empower your own path to self-love? This is your call to GRACE.

What strategies or things help you cope in times of sadness, grief or despair?

I’d love to hear!

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