2017 has arrived, like me I bet you have some lofty goals and big plans for this year to be extraordinary. The year you finally get healthy, find balance and get shit done…right?

Before you write a laundry list of resolutions (the same things you’d like to change, fix and improve) let’s explore how we can start this year off differently.

You see, when we don’t succeed at resolving our perceived faults, flaws and shortcomings we beat ourselves up! This usually prompts feelings of anxiety, guilt, shame and not feeling good enough, which in-turn spirals into hopelessness.

I have concluded, resolutions are always guided by fear from a conditioned past or a worry about the future. Resolutions keep us fixated on what is wrong with us, focused on problems and the need to correct them.

So instead of looking at something about yourself that doesn’t measure up or something in your life that you need to fix; this year why not explore and focus on how you prefer to feel about yourself?

You are not flawed, unlovable or broken. You are worthy, capable and deserving of everything your heart desires.

Right now in this moment, you get to choose. You get to decide how you spend your time; you get to decide what will bring you more joy, peace and fulfillment.

This year let’s plan to do less with more focus by getting intentional about cultivating everyday bliss.

Begin by asking; who do I need to start being or (stop being) to feel that sense of inner peace, love and self-respect? How can I translate that into a monthly intention for soulful self-evolution?

Becoming aware of how you would like to feel about yourself and beginning to make those changes from the inside out will help you when deciding upon your intentions.

Feel good intentions are life supporting, inspiring and promising ~ working to bring forth what already exists in you that simply hasn’t had the opportunity to be embraced, released and set free.

Intentions cultivate your consciousness, have the ability to significantly raise your vibration and increase your awareness.

Each year, after determining how I want to feel, I choose my intentions; letting them guide me where I need to take action.

Truth I fully believe in the power of words. Whether spoken or written, words have the ability to evoke feelings, shift our mood and inspire action.

I love to pick a theme for the year along with a few feel good + actionable words infused with love, adventure and fun!

This year, as quoted by American Spiritual Teacher Ram Dass; I chose “Be Here Now “ as my desired theme for the year (also inspired by Amanda Perone a friend and colleague who is such a beautiful light in the world).

My actionable words for 2017 are; nourish, expand, ease, and harmony, which represent what I’m craving more of, how I want to feel and what I wish to embody. (My core values which never change, are; contribution, grace, devotion, bliss and love)

To choose your theme, start with these questions;

What do I want this year to be about?

If you don’t instantly feel an answer(s) pop out, then try to answer the following questions and see what surfaces for you.

  • What does your ideal life look like?
  • What would you be doing?
  • What freedom do you crave?
  • Complete the sentence I want…
  • What’s one thing you could change, transform or shift to significantly improve your life?
  • If you had to choose just one thing, what do you want most this year?

After you take the time to answer these questions, review your responses and choose your main theme for 2017.

What you pick is personal; there are no right or wrong answers. If it feels good go with it.

Now let’s get to the root of your theme and choose your actionable words.

Themes and words can have several meanings.

  • What does your theme mean to you?
  • Write down everything that comes to your mind in bullet points, till you can’t think of anything else.
  • Next write out; what does a life of (insert your word) look like?
  • How does living or embodying this word or theme feel for you?
  • Choose your final intentional action word(s) for 2017.

If you did this exercise of illuminating your theme to choose your word(s); you’ll notice that the bullet points you have written can be turned into mini-actionable goals that will support your chosen theme over the year.

Now you can write out your intentions!

Start with asking yourself; “What can I do to integrate (insert your word(s) into my life?

I like the idea of focusing my actions with a monthly theme. Let’s make this fun!

  • Choose a different area of your life for each month of the year that you will choose to be intentional as it relates to your theme and word(s) of the year. A month gives you enough time to really make a dent in something, without feeling overwhelming or pressured to complete it by a specific date.
  • Pick just one area to focus on and one sub-goal.
  • Work on this every day for that month.
  • Once the goal is reached you can move on to the next mini-goal.

Here’s (a model you can use for ideas) an example of areas for the year, using my theme “Be Here Now.” Alternatively you can start with baby steps and pick one area of focus. Instead of projecting the whole year of intentions at once, you may choose to do this monthly or quarterly.

Remember the main goal is to do less with more focus by getting intentional about cultivating everyday bliss.

  • January – Be Here Now – Goals with Soul – Mind Body Spirit
  • February – Be Here Now – Love & Relationships
  • March – Be Here Now –Health & Wellbeing
  • April – Be Here Now – Money ~ Wealth & Finances
  • May – Be Here Now – Home & Environment
  • June – Be Here Now – Partnerships & Business Bliss
  • July – Be Here Now – Adventure
  • August – Be Here Now – Creativity & Fun
  • September – Be Here Now – Time Management
  • October – Be Here Now – Education & Learning
  • November – Be Here Now – Spirituality & Faith
  • December – Be Here Now – Family

Remember to be gentle with yourself. Intentions are an on-going effort unlike unattained resolutions. When you drift from an intention, you can come back to it the next day and pick-up where you left off with a new commitment. Everything is progress! There will be detours without a doubt and deviations because circumstances change and life happens. Remember to enjoy the journey not just the destination. When you approach change from an intentional view you can see how far you’ve come. At the end of the year you will be amazed at all you have to celebrate.

The point is to create a habit of setting intentions based on your theme ~ what’s most important to you. When you focus on doing one thing really well you will achieve success.

Lastly, here are four things that can serve as a simple reminder throughout the year to honor + live your truth.

Each month make date specific agreements with yourself and check in. By using the term agreement (which acts as a trigger), I’m less likely to even think about altering what I’ve committed to with myself or others. At the beginning of the month I do a look ahead at which time I write a soul agreement or contract to myself sealing my intentions.

Post your words where you can see them. I keep my words and theme visible in the form of; either a vision board, pictures, or tokens that serve as a reminder when I’m stuck on what I should be focusing on that month ~ the things that should ultimately guide my actions over those periods of time.

Another trick I love that serves as a simple reminder is to set a timer to go off once a day. Mine says what have you done for yourself today? I also have a mindfulness/meditation app on my phone called CALM that goes off at noon each day to remind me to “Be Here Now”.

This year, I am choosing to purchase an intentional piece of jewelry, to remind myself of who I am, how I want to feel and what I must do to feel this way. It will serve as a symbol + memento and prompt of my desire to nourish my soul + expand in all areas of my life with ease and harmony.

If you looking for the perfect piece of jewelry, here’s a few sites I absolutely adore!

Sisu Necklace: Extraordinary determination and strength in the face of adversity.



I’d love to hear what your intentions are for 2017!

Do you have a theme or word to represent all that you desire?

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