Is a truly powerful experience designed to help brave hearted, resilient women reset and awaken to a joyous, more connected and empowered way of being.

At every age and stage, life has its own rhythm. You can’t always choose what happens to you, but you can choose how you react and feel about it.

Truth we all want to feel loved, accepted, like we matter and to be successful in a life that is in alignment with who we are. The retreats introduce you to my life changing blissful living methodology and empowerment program. All BLR experiences begin with a foundation of honouring yourself, accepting who you are and letting go of the identity you have created as a result of your experiences.

How to turn your wounds into wisdom, identify what you really want in each area of your life, what is blocking you and how to release these blocks to become an energetic match for all that you desire. Awareness becomes a means that allows us to realize our full potential. Using energetic tools and inner resourcing, you will learn a daily practice for cultivating everyday bliss. With love and faith you will transform pain into healing. Everyone looking for a happier, more peaceful, successful and enlightened life should aim to overcome their energy blockages, and raise their energetic frequency to a level of love. When you finally discover how to show up in the life you truly want, you begin living the life you once only dared to dream about. It’s that profound, that life-changing and that powerful.

Maybe you’re hiding, sabotaging and avoiding reality…

You feel that you’re not where you want to be in your life.

What you’re living right now doesn’t feel truly right for you, and you need support to tune in to your heart to uncover what you actually want.

You’re lacking clarity and you have conflicting desires.

You feel confused and overwhelmed and you need help to choose the right option and create a crystal clear vision.

You feel stuck.

You feel ready to move forward, but you have no idea how to start, what steps to follow and how to get there.

You keep changing your life, but you’re still not happy.

You find yourself thinking “Once, I get that promotion/job/home/relationship etc. then I will be happy”, but you arrive there and still feel unsatisfied.

You’re being held back by fear and doubt.

Your inner critic is keeping you paralyzed and stops you every time you attempt to take action.

You’re lacking self-confidence.

Although you want to feel good and experience more joy and less fear – deep down you don’t really feel like you deserve it.

You’re longing to find your tribe and soul family.

You want to feel more connected to the most important people in your life. You try to make the best of it all but your best just doesn’t feel good enough.

You’re tired of feeling unbalanced and less than energized.

You would give anything to feel vibrant, sexy and fully alive.

You’re craving a soul vacation and yearning to level up.

You’re ready too up-level your bliss and gain new momentum and results in any area of life such as; your relationships, health, finances, career or business, and you need someone to stretch and guide you.

If you’re limiting love, happiness and freedom because you’re scared, chances are you’re imprisoned by unresolved trauma.

IT’S TIME TO LET GO OF EVERYTHING THAT HOLDS YOU BACK and is stopping you from realizing your full potential!

Whether you’re dealing with past childhood trauma, (been there) battling an illness or the pain of addiction (check) suffering physical or emotional abuse (check) drowning in debt (yep check) going through the grief or loss of a job, loved one or divorce (I have those under my belt too) or just simply feeling not good enough, sad, stuck, lost and unsure what path to take, know this;

At the depth of your despair lies the courage to let go of what you cannot change + the wisdom to control, shift or transform what you can.


What helps us to heal is creating the space, quiet time for reflection and most importantly the tools to heal, move forward and recreate ourselves.


A woman who trusts her inner sense of what is RIGHT for HER. Who refuses to turn HER LIFE upside down to meet the expectations of others and instead TURNS UP THE BLISS!


I’d like to show you how to start NAVIGATING THE POWER, that we all hold, to HEAL ourselves and others!


To make more EMPOWERED choices, the kind of DIVINE PRIORITIES that will steer you to the LIFE YOU WANT MOST DEEPLY?


Love is the most powerful healing force there is and tremendous freedom can be found through…

  • Learning to love yourself as you are, right now
  • Making peace with your body
  • Being present with your feelings in this moment
  • Understanding the effects of stress and trauma on the body
  • Integrating new skills and practices to support healing
  • Overcoming emotional suffering, unresolved trauma & adversity
  • Fostering resilience, owning your power to live fully & love fiercely

It is truly possible to live from the most beautiful part of your core. To heal, to retire those old stories, and lies you tell yourself, to stop making excuses and to step up and claim the life you dream of. 


Faced their truth & their fears.
Quit soul-sucking jobs.
Healed unresolved trauma & stress related illness.
Overcome self-defeating habits.
Ended toxic relationships.
Sold houses & businesses.
Changed addresses & countries.
Gave up being a doormat.
Stopped numbing and escaping and started living their lives on their own terms own terms, doing exactly what they love to do.

Find fulfillment and freedom to live authentically, joyfully, courageously and peacefully.
It’s time to love fiercely and live fully!

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Dear Amanda, WOW you rock. You were born to do this! I was profoundly touched by all the women in attendance, and gained so much from the Blissful Living Retreat. I also noticed how tuned in you were with the attendees, and how sensitive to our needs you were. I am still filled with an uplifted, connected energy thanks to all of you beautiful ladies! I came home to chaos: a frazzled mate, our house sale going sideways and I took charge and made things happen. We sold and bought a house the next day. David said to me “something happened to you when you were away!

L Moore

The Blissful Living Retreat in Owen Sound was very profound and life expanding.

A Uccello

The retreat was insightful and fun. I connected with so many strong diverse and authentic caring women which gave me hope in humanity and inspired me to trust others. My biggest takeaways were; adding emotional value to my goals, to be kinder to myself, prioritize my health and be better in tune with my mind, body and spirit!

S Berry

Great experience – useful tools and information to achieve goals and results. Thank You!

A Dell

I met the Blissful Living team recently and in just a short space of time they opened my eyes to a new way of approaching the challenges life throws our way and making the most of every day. So inspirational!

K Salisbury Noble

The location was perfect, the food out of this world! I am overjoyed with the sense of community and feel very equipped with what I need to move forward in the direction of my dreams.

M Karas

I just came home from the absolutely amazing Blissful Living Retreat!! I can’t even begin to explain the gorgeousness, sharing, love and connection experienced. A must go for everyone!

J Lockhart-Thompson