Your one beautiful life is in your hands, and every day you have another opportunity to create the dream life you had always imagined.

Use this Manifesto to help keep you motivated and on track for reaching your dreams.


Blissful Living Lounge is a lifestyle event company devoted to educating, motivating, and inspiring women around the globe to make a lifelong commitment to their health and happiness.

My company continues to work towards its intention with a team of experts who collaborate with me to act as life architects, helping people to create more mojo, bliss and freedom in their lives. The company’s motto is, “Love Yourself First!”

The “Blissful Living Lounge” gathers the top lifestyle experts in your city in the areas of; wealth, health, nutrition, beauty, natural healing, stress management, fitness and movement, to help you live your greatest vision of a healthy, happy, rich life.

Our Annual Event “Supercharge Your Health & Happiness” is designed to educate today’s busy woman on the importance of total self-care and serves as a platform to communicate my message of whole health to audiences around the world.

Our community is on a mission to awaken the hearts and spirit of big dreaming women with the realization it is not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make your happiness a priority…..it is necessary. We want more women to enjoy a state of being that is spirit driven- one that has time and energy for obligations and pleasures, as well as time to live well in a soul satisfying way!


Blissful Living Lounge Event

Thank you Amanda for another opportunity to be surrounded by wonderful souls……thanks to all the ladies for all your hugs, smiles and sheers!

S. Allison

What a great event, thank you Amanda, to you and all the wonderful speakers, I know this was something that I personally needed and the timing could not have been any better!

K. Doiron

Thanks Amanda for all your wonderful dedication to bringing like-minded women together! Great to connect with new and old friends! It was so much fun to be a part of the event! Looking forward to what’s next! xo


Lovely evening Amanda! Thanks !! U were an INSPIRATION to me & im sure all the other women also. Fabulous heels U wore.

Affectionately: Char

Had a great time Amanda, looking forward to many more….Thank you!


Thank you Amanda for a wonderful evening. You did an amazing job in putting a terrific venue together. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the speakers, all were very inspiring. And, I enjoyed making some new contacts. I look forward to your next event. Take care and be well. Cheers!


Thanks Amanda for all your work to make this a great event. I had a great time and met some amazing people. The panel was excellent.