With the philosophy of love yourself first and everything else will fall into place; my mission possible and deeper why fulfilled is awakening women globally to realize it’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and make your happiness a priority, it is necessary.

As a spiritual ass-kicker I teach women how to live it, so they can give it, in business, as a mama, a partner and a woman. More than anything in the world, I care about inspiring a movement where women are free to fall in love with themselves + create heart-driven clarity on what sets their soul on fire; so they are free to live a big, beautiful life.

Through a truly holistic approach that begins from the inside out, I help women find a sweet spot between elevated self-growth and extreme self-care and teach them how to work through their trauma to live a BLISSFUL, balanced life.

Amanda Willett

Amanda Willett


What is you could replace stress, doubt, worry and fear…. with ease, certainty, clarity, abundance and joy?
What if instead of dreaming, wishing and hoping you were free… You had the courage.
To embrace all of you are and to boldly stand in your power and own your desires?

What if instead of chasing happiness ~ you chose to live with intention, to get GUTSY and INTOXICATED on SHEER SPIRIT while crafting your BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL LIFE?

If you’re a woman who’s motivated to expand your sense of self, who’s here to make a big impact in the world, then welcome, it’s time to own your desires!

I’d like to help you heal your story and align your soul with what feels freakin’ amazing! Because you were born to illuminate the world!

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